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Remix OS now available: gives a second life to your old PC thanks to Android

Remix is an operating system based on Android to give a second life to your PC. Alternatives to reuse your old PC and I have proposed a number, from setting up your own server to create a digital entertainment center. With the rise of mobile operating systems, today we have more (and better) ways to […]

VLC for Android leaves beta phase

We have very good news for fans of Android and favorite players worldwide. No doubt the Video LAN Client, aka VLC is one of the most popular audio players and video world. People love not only because it is free and open source, but because it is also available for a wide number of platforms […]

The A8 Android Tablet PC Offers A Built In Camera, Flash Support And The Android Market On A Budget

There’s a new Android Tablet PC available now, and it’s making a lot of news. The Eken Apad A8 Android Tablet PC runs the latest version of Google new Android 2.2 operating system. The very first android tablet to use this new updated version. And the features and functions are second to none. While most […]