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2018.09.21, Friday
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  • pc_upgrade

    Should You Upgrade or Replace Your PC?

    Although desktop computers are in some ways being usurped by laptops and tablet devices, many people still love to have a standalone personal computer on their desk. For gamers, the PC has become ...

  • facebook

    Here’s the Best Facebook Monitoring Tool You Can Use

    Have you ever wondered if there was a way that could help you sneak into someone’s Facebook account? Well, with the help of a Facebook monitoring tool, you will be able to achieve that quite ...

  • twitter

    Making Use of Social Media: A Guide

    Social media is a powerful tool in the right hands. If you don’t know how to use it, however, you can easily fall in-between the cracks of the new algorithms that help users see content they ...

  • web-design

    7 Key Tips To Make A Great First Website

    The internet is becoming king when it comes to communication, marketing, entertainment, and making money. If you have always wanted to get involved by creating your own site but were scared of ...

  • IT_security

    Successful IT Systems Management for Businesses

    Information and communication technology systems are the backbone of most businesses in the twenty-first century, and it’s hard to imagine how we would cope without them. They store all the data ...

  • Tips to Remove Adware Virus

    10 Ways to Avoid Adware and Remove It from Your Computer

    The world of Adware (Identified as an Advertising-Supported Software) is growing with each passing day. It is highly annoying, frustrating and time-consuming! At times, it is commonly witnessed ...

  • motherboard

    How Motherboards Work

    Given its name – the motherboard – you have probably already guessed that it is an essential component within any computer. The motherboard works to tie together every device within the computer ...

  • marketing

    How to Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

    Any business which wants to grow to its full potential in this day and age will need to embrace the opportunities offered by digital marketing. That marketing is a vital aspect of your business ...

  • PR Practices

    PR Practices To Use In 2018

    As a public relations professional, one will be continually faced with the expectation from clients to come up with creative and dynamic strategies to win over and retain their base. This can ...

  • social_media

    5 Ways to Reduce Your Use of Social Media

    We live in a busy world where social media seems to be somewhat taking over. While there are many amazing features of social media that allow us to connect with friends and family all over the ...