Why social media is important for your online business

Are you wondering how social media can possibly contribute to the growth of your business? Here is a look at what you need to know.

It offers improved understanding of your audience

The success of any business is heavily reliant on the proper understanding of its customers. And social media has made understanding customers easier than ever. With social media, it’s easy to observe what your customers are talking about while you get to understand them better. With a strong social media presence, you will be able to create more effective solutions to help you cater to the needs of your customers.

It offers a better customer service channel

“With social media, businesses can easily respond to the concerns and questions of any customer” says Jane at bestwebhosting.co.uk. “It offers something different from telephone and email as consumers, and customers often seem more comfortable with social media” she concludes.

Having a strong social media presence tells your customers that getting help on a problem is as easy as sending a tweet or Facebook post. It also gives you a platform to show off your customer service skills to the public. Here is an article that highlights the fact that 71% of people will recommend your business to others if you deal with their problems on social media.

It offers a channel for easy distribution of your content

The importance of social media to any marketing campaign cannot be over emphasised.   Marketers and business owners no longer have to sweat on reaching their audience with content. Content can get to your target audience at the click of a button.

It offers you the chance to become influential within your industry

As more people talk about your business on social media, your influence will continue to grow. And as your influence grows, so will the reach of your business.

Better traffic numbers

Without social media, you traffic is reliant on people who are already familiar with your brand, and those searching for keywords you are ranked for. With the use of social media, you will be able to create additional pathways to your site, bringing in people who may not have heard of your brand or searched any keywords relevant to your business.

Better rankings in the search engines

One of the factors used in the calculation of rankings today is social media presence. Businesses that share their content on social media give the search engines the signal that their business can be relied on for solutions to problems in a particular niche.

It saves you money on advertising

If you’re looking at cutting down on your marketing costs, social media marketing offers you a great option. With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., you can share and promote your content for free. The only cost is the time spent on running the campaigns.

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