Why Industrial Automotive Shops Need Professional Tire Maintenance Services

When big trucks travel on the road, their tires usually gain a lot of wear and tear. Commercial tires typically lose their strength and durable when proper procedures aren’t implemented before a long road trip. Industrial automotive crews can take advantage of this problem by successfully serving consumers who constantly need help maintaining their tires. If you own a shop that services commercial vehicles, you can boost customer satisfaction by automotive packages that prevent:


  • Inflation problems
  • Mechanical problems
  • PSI issues

Improper Tire Inflation

Many tires are replaced too early because they’re inflated incorrectly. According to experts, the process of checking the tire pressure on a large truck that’s attached to a tractor-trailer only takes about 20 minutes. If a technician uses a tire inflation system, the task can be completed in less time. All shop owners should offer precise tire inflation services so that consumers can use their tires longer. If a tire is under inflated by nearly 10 percent, the treads will lose nine to 16 percent of their efficiency.

Mechanical Flaws

A lot of wear and tear happens when a truck has wheels that aren’t aligned properly. All tires have unique toe-in and toe-out settings; when there is a flaw in either of these systems, a tire will gain alignment problems.

Mechanical flaws don’t affect every tire brand because most products have unique design characteristics. This is why most industrial automotive shops stock a variety of tire brands in large warehouses so that the technicians can give every customer multiple options.

Tire Pressure Problems

When a truck has dual assemblies, the tire pressure must match to ensure the highest level of performance on the road. If the psi in one mismatched tire is more than five, two tires aren’t the same size. Because tires are attached on the same axle, performance problems will occur if the pressure isn’t adjusted.

Tire maintenance is a service that’s always needed in local communities, neighborhoods, and business districts. If you’d like to serve your customers promptly, quickly, and professionally, you’ll benefit from investing in industrial compressor supplies.