Which one is Better? An IPhone, HTC, Samsung or Nokia

Ever since the competition has gotten tough, it is more difficult for the ordinary people to choose between different mobile phones or smartphones. One ad claims one mobile to be better than another and hence a thread spirals out of such conversations. Some people are accustomed to IPhone this much that they cannot think of abandoning it at any stage. Others feels cozy with some android phones. They will trade between the android phone companies but not with windows or iCloud and vice versa. Some people are addicted to a particular series of certain company. As Lumia series by Nokia have held many of the customers around the world. IPhone5S is yet another form the Apple store that is loved by the people. Following are some of the features of certain phones that will enable you to compare and contrast between the phones and hence decide for yourself.

IPhone 5S is made for the tech-savvy and tech addicts, where the phone can be easily be shopped through online stores such as Akmatro, Kaymu, Bdstore24. The business community and business professionals prefer iPhone 5S. IOS 7 users were very happy at the launch of iPhone 5S because using this operating system, they could download a lot of apps through Apple Store for free and enhance the functionality of their smartphones. The phone is mainly gorilla glass but the back is aluminum so, not easy to break off. In addition to an improved front-facing camera, the iPhone 5S also offers users an improved retina display screen.

image004Samsung Galaxy S4 lies somewhere in between the phone and the tablet. Large enough not to be put into the category of smartphones and small enough not to be put into the category of tablets. In other words, a unique creature. Its 5.8 x 2.8 inches screen makes it a go-to phone for many people as its display is stunning. Features include slow-motion 1080p video capture, the ability to take front and back photos at the same time, and Eraser Shot, which enables the users to remove any unwanted person or face from the photo. For the Galaxy S4 users, the best part is that they can download apps from Google play store and Amazon store.

image005HTC One offers the customers that they have been denied so far: a long battery life and talk time. Its functionality might not be quite efficient but it makes up for it through its other features. Though there HTC One M8 and M9 available at online stores but the former and the original HTC One was way too stunning. The phone’s aluminum body provides a sleek, sophisticated look and the phone is available in four colors: black, silver, red, and blue.

image007Nokia Lumia is for those who love to operate with Windows. Especially Lumia 1020 is for the people who are obsessed with camera results because it definitely offers one of the best video and picture quality.