WhatsApp now indicates if you’ve read your posts

WhatsApp now indicates if you've read your posts

Unlike some messaging services like LINE or Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp until recently was not an application to indicate whether the message was read or not. Which meant tics then? A tic indicated that the message had been received by the service servers, and two showed that the message had reached the destination, but never said if it had been read or not … until now. If by chance you were waiting for this to see if people are interested your message or not, then here you have it.

The different versions of the application have been updated for this new role, said the company recently. The app now shows you if the message you sent was read or not, so if someone read your message and do not respond because they do not want to. The application uses two tics in light blue to indicate that the message was read, while previous tics remain in compliance with the functions provided.

WhatsApp now indicates if you've read your posts

This change is available from the most recent versions of WhatsApp iOS, Android and Windows Phone. If automatic updates for your device are not active will need to look through the new version of your app store platform. If you already have the latest version of WhatsApp, then you should now see the two tics in light blue to indicate to you that the receiving person has read your message. The same applies to voice messages and of course videos and images. In group chat feature is not used, so there everything continues as usual.

Tell us: Have you had a chance to test the new feature that confirms read messages on WhatsApp ?

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