What Makes Video Advertising Appealing To Consumers?

Video marketing has exploded in popularity in the past few years. According to studies, online users are 4 times more likely to engage to an online video than traditional text. While it has been proven to help companies attract more traffic, many businesses still refuse to include videos to their advertising options. It is essential for businesses to understand the appeal of online videos to their target customers in order to deliver more effective brand messages. Another way to give effect branding is through vehicle and car wrap.

3 Key Factors That Explain Why Consumers Love Online Videos

1. Videos enable consumers to relate more.

It pays to remember that human beings are very visual, which means we rely on our vision when making evaluations and decisions. When we see something, it enables us to make better use of our senses and emotions. Basically, we are better able to relate to an online video than other forms of communication. Because of the emotional connection created by watching a video, it is possible for companies to attract the attention of consumers and earn their trust. In addition, people are likelier to remember products that they have personally seen over those that they have only heard or read of.

2. Videos are less time consuming and more convenient.

In today’s fast-paced world, everybody seems to be always in a rush. We always look for the easiest and fastest way of getting things done, and there always seem to be very limited time. Multi-tasking has become a norm in our lives, and videos enable us to do the things that must be done while watching.

It is worthy to note that watching a video takes considerably less time compared to reading an article. What’s great is that the same message can be delivered through a video in half the time. Consumers certainly want to know all the important details, but these must be delivered as fast as possible. Considering the reduction in our attention spans, it has become really difficult for us to focus on a variety of information for a lengthy period of time. By delivering messages quickly, they are better able to process and understand them.

3. Videos get more views and higher engagement rates.

Virtually everyone can access the Internet at any place or time, something which many people use to their advantage. Online videos can be easily viewed on smart phones and other mobile devices, as opposed to traditional webpages that contain blocks of text and require endless scrolling and squinting.

And the simple fact is that the majority of online users are social media junkies. When we stumble upon content we like on the web, we immediately share them on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Videos have been shown to get more likes, shares and other social signals. Not to mention, publishing a high quality video can even prove useful for some of our followers.

Without a doubt, videos do a good job of satisfying our visual needs, making them the perfect solution for businesses to advertise and deliver effective brand messages. Consumers can feel more connected to the brand by watching videos, which is why it proves effective as a means of marketing products or services online.