View maps from around the world using GPS mobile

OsmAnd is an application that lets you access maps of all continents and display all navigation data and points of interest, without being connected to the Internet. This service offline for mobile devices, using OpenStreetMap map data (maps are created using geographic information captured with mobile GPS devices, orthophotos and other free sources) and thus can access the maps without connecting to the Internet.

Maps view

If you are in a place that does not have internet access, or just want to save data, OsmAnd (OSM Automated Navigation Directions) can access maps on high quality which are housed in the kiss of OpenStreetMap data and store them on board menoría your devices, then access them. (By GPS on your phone).

Navigation with OsmAnd

The navigation system that provides the platform is guided by voice and can be used for a trip by car, bike or foot. The system works both online and offline and does not add costs to the telephone company (not if you access the roaming). And gives us all the basic options of any browser that option lanes, street name, time of arrival, points of interest search by address or coordinates (restaurants, airports and hotels) and automatic route recalculated option.

Viewing maps OsmAnd

The map display with the tool is very simple, once you download the application from their official website, from your choices can download the maps you need from your device (the same can be heavy). And then accessed and visualize your position and orientation, switch to satellite view, align the movement of the phone or compass with maps and show points of interest or favorite places on them.

The database of maps belongs to the platform OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create free editable maps. But when the download you can select only complete maps or road network. (This method saves a lot of space when accommodate maps). The utility also has a security system as day and night mode view, a semblance of speed limit , map zoom option and you can also share your location with friends.

For outdoor enthusiasts

The option to download bikeway or pedestrian paths is ideal for lovers of outdoor adventures. The maps include public transportation stops, viewing height and distance curves of different display modes to suit your activity. OsmAnd really is a very good option for people who want or sar maps in places that can not connect to the internet or just want to save on your data connection and this is due to its technology and philosophy that make independent Internet connection.

OsmAnd is a free application (OsmAnd + has a commercial version) and is available for Android devices.

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