Top Productivity Apps for Busy Nursing Students

It’s hard for many students to be productive. College offers numerous distractions, from a busy social life to making new friends, so it’s not surprising that some people fall behind on their course work. The good news is that technology can be really helpful, with various gadgets and apps on hand to help make us more productive while we study for our masters degree in nursing.

Most students use smartphones and tablets to help them get their work done, so it’s a good idea to make sure you download the latest apps. There are plenty of free and paid-for apps to help you stay productive during while you work on your online masters degree in nursing, so check out the following list and see which apps you need on your iPhone or Android tablet.


The RefMe app is available for Android and iOS and it’s also free, which is an added bonus for poor students. Use this handy app to help create citations when writing papers. Use the app to scan the barcode of whatever textbook you need to refer to and the app turns the information into a handy citation. This will save you a ton of time when writing a long research paper for your masters of science in nursing online.

iStudiez Pro

The iStudiez Pro app is for iOS and Mac devices. It’s not free, but for the sake of a few dollars, you will wish you had downloaded it months ago. The iStudiez Pro app is like having a personal assistant in your pocket. You can use the app to manage your class schedule, revision timetable, and appointments with teachers. The app will remind you about exams and maintain a ‘to-do’ list. If you are a disorganized type of person, this app is for you.


The Wunderlist app is another great organizational app, but this one also works on Windows and Android devices, and it’s free. Like the iStudiez Pro app, the Wunderlist lets you set useful reminders, create project lists, and manage a ‘to-do’ list. The main difference between this and the iStudiez Pro app is that it is more geared to everyday life rather than college life.

iTunes U

The iTunes U app from Apple gives you access to courses and digital resources from some of the world’s top universities. You can use the app to find interesting course resources related to all kinds of different subjects, from statistics to English language. If you want to stretch your mind in a different direction, try this free app – it’s very cool.

Scanner Pro

The Scanner Pro app is very useful if you need to scan materials and upload them for your coursework. The app turns any scanned image into an editable PDF document and stores it in Dropbox or Google Drive. From there, you can use the scan in your college work. It also has a search function so you can search your scans archive.

Use technology to your advantage and it will save you hours of wasted time. Let us know in the comments if there are any other apps you can’t live without.