Top 5 Crowd Funded Projects to Look Out for in 2016

Ingenious crowd-funding websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are giving a host of inventors, designers and artists a platform to share their projects in a bid to raise funding. Kickstarter alone have helped others raise over $1.9 billion in funding which has enabled over 91,000 projects to be successfully launched. 2015 has been a huge year for new projects with several set to be big business in 2016. We reveal the top five crowd funded projects to watch out for in 2016.

YoYo Mats

Yogis around the world will know the frustration that comes with rolling and storing a yoga mat. Invented by two California-based designers, YoYo mats are the first ever self-rolling yoga mat. Inspired by slap-wristbands, these high quality mats have a non-slip surface pattern which enables them to stay flat during use. When finished with your YoYo yoga mat you can simply toss the mat and it will neatly roll up by itself.


Baubax provides a simple way to store travel accessories in one stylish and comfortable jacket. With over $6,500,000 pledged of a $20,000 goal, Baubax is the most funded clothing project in Kickstarter history. The jacket is made from microfiber cloth and it contains convenient pockets that allow you to store iPads, sunglasses, drinks, earphones, passports and more. It will be available in four styles for men and women including a work-style blazer and a casual sweater.


Awarecar is a clever little device which connects to your phone. The idea is to leave the device in your glove box and it will link to your phone and provide information such as where you parked your car, even what level of the car park it is on. You can also enter the time your meter runs out so you will never have to deal with another parking ticket again.


Boardgame-lovers will be delighted with Tabletopia, a digital platform that will be bringing the best board games to digital life. There will be over 100 fun games to choose from as well as the options to play with friends and family online via fibre broadband. The gaming platform will be available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.


Another crowd funded project to watch out for in 2016 is Inkbox. Inkbox is a semi-permanent tattoo made from an organic formula which lasts up to two weeks. The tattoo takes less than ten minutes to apply it is very realistic unlike many of the other temporary tattoo solutions around. There will be over 300 designs to choose from in varying sizes, so there is a design for all tastes.

So there you have just five of the hundreds of projects which could be household names in 2016. Other products to look out for include wireless earbuds called Pugz, a smart biking system called SmartHalo and a charging station that allows you to charge multiple devices at once called Fishbone. These projects wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for crowdfunding websites, so show your support and pledge a new business today.