Three Things to Consider Before Studying Online

Recently, we have seen an increasing number of students turning to the internet in order to get their college degree. Online learning is certainly growing in popularity, especially amongst mature students, who often have work, family and other commitments to uphold, which can make it difficult for them to work out a schedule that includes attending on-campus classes that are often held during working hours. Studying online is not only often cheaper than traditional campus-based programs, it can often be much easier for the student as it is very self-directed, allowing students to put together their own timetable and study at a pace that suits them. But, if you’re considering signing up to a program such as the online criminology degrees from Portland State University, it’s important to determine whether or not online learning is for you.

Financial Considerations

Many people opt for online, as it is cheaper than taking a traditional on-campus course. However, when you choose to enroll on an online degree such as an online criminal justice program, there are still some financial considerations that you will need to keep in mind. Along with the basic costs such as tuition fees, you’ll also need to think about the other things that you may need to purchase in order to successfully complete your online degree. Other than tuition fees, perhaps the largest cost that you will need to face is technology, as online students often need more gadgets at home to successfully complete their program.


Online study can be great when it comes to flexibility, but if you have a tendency to procrastinate and put things off, you might find an online program pretty difficult to stick to. As an online student, you will have a huge amount of responsibility when it comes to completing your work, as there will be no class timetable or physical hand-ins. Before registering for an online degree program, you will need to have a timetable set out for your studies and plans in place to help you avoid procrastination and getting behind with work.


Many people sign up for an online learning program in the hopes that they will be able to do it ‘in their spare time’ whilst working full-time, raising a family, or both. However, what many students fail to realize is that online degrees involve the same amount of work as an on-campus program, and you finish with exactly the same qualification. Students who are continuing full-time work or have a lot of other commitments might want to think twice before enrolling on a full-time online degree. Instead, part-time courses, which take a little longer overall, are available to make your workload more manageable.

Before enrolling on an online degree, there are many different things which you should take into consideration. Many people mistakenly believe that online programs are easy since there are no classes on campus, however, they can require a lot of work, which it’s very important to be prepared for.

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