The Top Tablets for MBA Students

When you’re working hard towards your MBA in person, or even your online MBA from remote, you need to have the right technology at your fingertips in order to keep up with all of your assignments, do your research, and get things done. Tablets are especially handy because you can take them anywhere, which means you can catch up on your schoolwork while you’re on your way to work and anytime you want to be studying and completing homework on the go.

Asus Transformer

The Asus Transformer is a great tablet that can convert into a small laptop, so it’s ideal for MBA students who don’t want to have to carry a lot as they go to class. Check out the T300 Chi, in particular, which comes with a keyboard that allows you to type as you would on a computer so you don’t have to solely rely upon a touchscreen. Or spend extra cash on a keyboard for your iPad. The resolution is set to 1920×1200, which means the screen will be easy to see and work on too.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Thanks to the Surface, Microsoft has become a big player in the tablet market. The Surface Pro 3, in particular, features a great 12-inch screen that has a 2160×1440 resolution. This tablet also boasts 4GB of RAM, along with storage options that go up to 128 GB. The Surface Pen is a convenient bonus feature that comes with this tablet, and you can also opt to use the keyboard dock that’s available and sold separately.

Apple iPad

No list of top tablets would be complete if it didn’t include the Apple iPad that started it all, and many people still consider this product to be the best of the best. If you’re enrolled in one of the best online MBA programs, you’ll want to have a top quality tablet at your side at all times, and the iPad doesn’t disappoint. Purchase one that has plenty of memory so you can store everything from important notes to photos and videos. You can also use it to download apps that will come in handy when you’re completing assignments, and the interface is ideal if you’re already used to using a Mac or iPhone.

Google Nexus

If you’re searching for an Android tablet, look no further than the Google Nexus, which will run the latest Android operating system. You can have several apps open at the same time without having to worry about sacrificing performance, and you can also switch easily between the apps that you need to get things done. This tablet is also a bit lighter and smaller than other options, including the iPad Air, so it is a perfect option for students who don’t want to carry a big tablet around.

With one of the high quality tablets above, you can rest assured that working through your difficult MBA program will be a little easier. You can work on the go, remain organized along the way, and entertain yourself with some fantastic apps in between completing tasks.