The Nexus 4 does not incorporate all the new Android 5.0

Android 5.0 for Nexus 4 was released last month, and while that’s good news for users, have been some who have encountered various problems after upgrading their devices. The problem is not only that the update has caused problems in the Nexus 4, but also this device is not receiving all the features of the new OS. To be a little more specific, it seems that the smartphone lacks some camera functions offered by the new version of Android.

According to a new publication produced in the Google Issue Tracker, it appears that some of the new camera APIs introduced in Android 5.0 are not available for use in the Nexus 4, including full manual control and support for DNG. Like many insurance already suspect, this is due to incompatibilities level hardware that prevent the device can get all the juice to the new Android 5.0.

Google has stated that “unfortunately, the Nexus 4 will not be updated beyond LEGACY camera2 at the camera. Its hardware and firmware were not designed to fully support the functions provided camera2, including manual controls and support for DNG, and these characteristics can not be added by other means “.

What is striking is that the Nexus 9, which is a much more modern device, lacks some of the features of Android 5.0 camera, as the aforementioned support DNG for example, although it has manual controls. Meanwhile, users of Nexus 5 can rest easy, as your smartphone does not have any incompatibility problems of this type with the new Android Lollipop.

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