The Next Chapter: all about the new Microsoft and Windows 10!

With his “The Next Chapter” conference, Microsoft has put the dishes in the great and gave us a glimpse of the future of the company and its products.

Windows 10 on Xbox, via augmented reality, Boulanger Blog teams followed this event for you, which are summarized below.

Windows 10: A Windows to rule them all
After Windows 8 (and 8.1) have been sometimes confuse some users, Microsoft began a major overhaul of its operating system: Return start, new menu (s) interface (s) adaptive (s), notification center Windows 10 is no shortage of news!

Start menu: the comeback!
First point, probably delight many users: the Start menu is back! Appeared with Windows 95 and absent of Windows 8, the venerable “start menu” re-entered with Windows 10, an improved form.

Clever mix of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, this start menu “next gen” is in its usual form in the left panel and inherits the dynamic tiles Windows 8 on its right side: what content for all users!

A dynamic interface
If the start menu is a delight for computer users controlled keyboard and mouse, it does not prove more practical on a touch device, such as a tablet or a hybrid computer.

In fact, Windows 10 introduces a dynamic interface (Continuum), adapting automatically and in real time to the device used. Concretely, used on a computer, Windows 10 will present its usual interface desktop + start menu. However, launched on a tablet, Windows 10 will offer to switch to a suitable interface: start menu in full screen, adapted menus, icons and large print etc. Better still used on a hybrid computer, it will be possible to automatically switch from one interface to another depending on whether or not the keyboard is connected!

The legacy of the mobile
With the ubiquity of mobile devices (smartphones + tablets), new habits were taken: brush up or down to a farm apps, quick access to some parameters (WFi etc.), or open the Notification center check out the latest events (missed calls, emails waiting etc).

Recognizing this changing uses, Microsoft Windows 10 adapted depending, in particular by proposing a notification center, with quick-access shortcuts: action center. Like mobile, Action Center will centralize the programs notifications, unread mails the etc., but also quick access to certain functions:

In addition to its cosmetic changes, the most significant change related to Windows 10 is certainly its uniqueness. If there are many variants of Windows 8.1 (Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows RT …), there will eventually only one single version of Windows!

Windows 10 will run equally well on a computer, tablet, phone, logged bracelet or even a gaming console: only the interface will change! The immediate consequence will be possible to develop universal apps. Specifically, the same program can run either on any medium running Windows.

To illustrate this, Microsoft has demonstrated the famous Outlook, running either on a phone and a computer running the same code: awesome! Eventually, all Microsoft products will be able to share the same application store.

Cortana, Cortana everywhere …
Last – big – new for Windows 10: the presence of Cortana on PC, and deep integration system.
The AI ​​Cortana is very versatile and highly integrated system
Halfway between the Siri system from Apple and Google Now Google, the assistant Cortana surprised by its reactivity and ability. Whether voice control a Windows machine, to search for information on the web, interact with programs and data on the device or to anticipate the needs of the user, Cortana is deeply integrated within the system, and wants more accomplished than all existing systems currently.

To ensure maximum confidentiality and respect for the privacy of the user, it will be possible to select the data, programs or devices that Cortana will be allowed access.

The best for last
All these innovations are enticing, and many users should want to switch to Windows 10 when it was released.

For the latter, the good news: the update to Windows 10 will be free for all Windows 7 users; Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and within a year after the release of Windows 10!

The update to Windows 10 will be free!
Note that, as we shall see later, the Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone owners will also receive a free upgrade to Windows 10!

Our first glimpse of the new Microsoft ends here, feel free to respond or to ask us your questions about all these innovations for Windows 10! From our side, we will soon go back to other articles on this conference, rich in ads …