The Best Torrenting Sites 2015

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran torrenter, if you’re looking for some of the best torrenting sites the internet has to offer, look no further than what has discovered for you when it comes to the world of torrents. Their team has scoured the web looking at nearly every torrent site, and as a result, compiled a list of what they consider the best for a torrenter’s appetite.’s Top 5 Torrenting Sites of 2015

  1. Torrentz

Just as suggests, Torrentz is not a torrenting site – it’s a dedicated search engine for torrents. So if your favorite site has been taken down, or if you can’t find torrents because you’ve been trying to search for them on normal search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, check this site out! It can have you downloading files in no time, and can find you just about any file you desire. Yes, it’s not a torrenting site, but it is dedicated to finding what you want, and that’s why it made the number one spot.

  1. ExtraTorrent

Now running strong at, the site pretty much has everything you want. It has an awesome community of fellow torrenters, phenomenal seeding, and it’s extremely popular among many torrenters. No wonder the copyright police came knocking on its first domain and shut it down. It’s just that good.

  1. KickassTorrents

Second to PirateBay only, this site is quite possibly the best torrenting has to offer compared to all the other ones out there. It has a massive selection of files for you to choose from with regards to movies, music, games, and more, and it includes formats that are outstanding for Apple computers and mobile devices. The only reason why it didn’t make it at the top of the list is because it is currently blocked by a number of western countries, so it’s not easy to access – unless of course, you live in the US.

  1. re

Maybe you haven’t heard of this site yet, but the fact that you didn’t makes it even more attractive to the folks over at As a relatively new torrent site, it’s less likely to be a direct interest of the copyright authorities, and that makes it a good place to be. However, be careful when looking them up. A lot of copycats are out there using the site’s name, so the only safe bet is to use and if you want to avoid a snake pit of computer viruses.

  1. isoHunt

Yes, this site was shutdown. Yes, was aware of it. However, they included the site because two clones popped up in its place soon after and there is a strong possibility that you can gain access to the content that the original site held within its library of data. Just be sure to use and