The Best Open World Games for Consoles

Open world games are games in which the player has complete freedom to explore their environment as they see fit. They differ to the more conventional, ‘on rails’, approach in which players travel between various areas, or levels, in a linear fashion and complete predefined objectives. Open world games offer gamers what seems to be the ultimate promise, the ability to explore vast virtual worlds and to engage with them on the players own terms.

Now that video games are both designed and played with far more powerful machines than ever before, there are an ever-growing list of games which incorporate open world elements. In this article, however, we have been strict in our definition of open world and have only included games which can justifiably be considered as fully open world.

Metal Gear Solid V

Few game series have had quite the same critical reception as the Metal Gear series; they have become one of the most enduring and influential series in gaming, and with good reason. For the uninitiated, the Metal Gear Solid games are part of a relatively niche genre, known as stealth games. Stealth games encourage players to sneak around, either avoiding enemies or taking them down discretely. Previous Metal Gear Solid games weren’t open world, although they allowed for exploration, however Metal Gear V offers players the opportunity to explore various locations at their own pace and with total freedom.

For fans of military action, Metal Gear Solid V is an essential addition to their collection. The game does what the Metal Gear series has always done best, since it transitioned to 3D with Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation. It deftly blends realistic military action with a Japanese animé sensibility; the result is a game which is incredibly fun, offering a military experience, without taking itself too seriously.

Mafia 2

The first Mafia game offered players an experience unlike any other, even amongst the plethora of other crime-themed open world games, Mafia stood out. It offered players an authentic taste of the 1950’s New York underworld and the sequel, Mafia 2, continued this concept and showed exactly what a video game sequel should be. It took everything which made its predecessor so unique and improved upon it. Check out for an extensive guide to Mafia 2.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The world of Skyrim is one of the most immersive in the whole history of gaming, it’s not just the sheer size of the map, impressive though it is, it is the attention to detail which has one into crafting this world which makes it truly stand out. Every book that the player finds can be read, and there are a myriad of quests and side-stories waiting to be discovered by the player. For fans of grand fantasy adventures, Skyrim is a must own title.

Open world games are perhaps the best examples of the potential that gaming offers to players, they allow them to explore in their own way and at their own pace.