The Benefits Of Contacting Sky via Phone

There are various ways in which you can contact Sky. Although they traditionally relied on a telephone number, times have changed and they would now prefer to handle your enquiries via an online chat based system. It’s quite simple, you simply go to the Sky website, and there will be an option to live chat with someone.

However, some people find this method to be a little confusing; if you’re not great with technology then it can be quite daunting to think that you are stuck in terms of contacting Sky. It also singles out people who do not have a computer, or other internet related devices in their home. You don’t want to have to take a trip to the library or a friend or family member’s house, every time you want to check your bill or ask about something regarding your account. It also seems a little impersonal too. Sometimes you just want to hear someone else speak, to make sure the information you are getting is correct.

You would think that live chat is the only way to contact Sky; however, this is not the case. Although Sky makes it difficult to find their number, there is an alternative that will put you through directly to whichever department you want. It can be easily found at Thanks to this, you will never have to use the online chat service again. Here you will find a sky TV phone number, along with other numbers related to your enquire. It is also a cheap phone line at 7 pence per minute. You can’t go wrong.

With help from the information provided above, you are now able to avoid a stream of lengthy and confusing phone trees, leaving you without the option to press the wrong connecting number and have to disconnect and dial again. In addition to this, it is the only number that will put you through to sky directly, and is much cheaper than other options out there.

Why Use a Phone?

The live chat system can seem impersonal to some. On a phone, you can hear another person’s voice. This can be reassuring and may make you feel better about your situation. When you call Sky they will always try their best to be friendly and calming to the best of their ability as it is their job to provide good customer service and ensure your happiness. They don’t want to lose your custom, so will do everything they can to help you.

An added beneficiary of communicating with Sky via phone is that; unlike using live chat, there is little room for anything to be misinterpreted. Everything will be verbally explained to you. When you chat online, things can be misread, or can come across the wrong way. It’s near impossible to read the emotion or tone in the words on your screen as you are unable to hear them, making it easy to become confused and misinterpret something meant in a helpful way. Something else worth taking into consideration is that when you are on the phone, it’s instant. A response can be made straight away. There simply isn’t the need to have to wait around for a response like you do in chat. Chat might seem quick, but what happens if your connection suddenly drops? You’re left having to open a new chat window and stuck waiting for someone to contact you again. Depending on the volume of traffic on the site, you could be waiting a while, so it makes much more sense to use a phone instead!