Technologies That Are Helping Entrepreneurs Make Better Business Decisions

Are you a business owner who consistently makes important business decisions based on your gut feelings? Many entrepreneurs operate in this way and don’t know about the tools and technologies that are available to help them make more informed decisions. Below are some of the most important technologies that are helping today’s business leaders make better business decisions.

Analytics Systems

Every activity that takes place on a company’s website or in its business systems can be recorded and analyzed through a wide range of powerful analytics systems. The results of any analysis you carry out can give you a greater insight into your business, your market, your customers and much more.

Most business owners are only coming to terms with this type of technology now. Many entrepreneurs or their employees are completing an online master of science in analytics course from universities like Villanova University. Once you or your employees finish the MSA program online, your company will be in a much better position to use these systems to their full potential.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

Each interaction between your customers and your organization can be recorded by Customer Relationship Management systems. This valuable information can be used by various departments in a business for all kinds of purposes. For instance, a planning department could use this data to forecast certain events, while a marketing department could use the same information to create a future marketing campaign.


Mind Mapping Software

Sometimes it’s difficult to visualize the outcome of a decision and the steps required to reach that outcome. This is where mind mapping software systems come to the rescue. These systems visually organize complex information and processes, so that they are much easier to create and understand. If you make a mistake, or the decision you are about to make is not as good as it could be, you can identify any problems easily through mind mapping systems, and make necessary alterations.

Cloud Computing Systems

Some decisions require the input of a team of people. However, it’s not always possible to get all of the key decision makers into the same room at the same time. Things get even more complicated if these people are located in different towns, cities, states, countries or even continents.

However, many of the latest cloud based systems make the whole process of making decisions much easier. Such systems can be accessed anywhere by people who have permission to access them and these people can also edit or update the data contained on cloud based systems.

Desktop Applications

If you have a limited budget or don’t believe you need the latest technologies to make better decisions, many of the simpler, tried and trusted systems like spreadsheets and database applications are still extremely effective.

Many businesses take these tools for granted and don’t always realize just how useful they are. To get the most out of desktop applications, you should take a refresher course – it may shock you to find out just what they can accomplish.

The ability to make the right business decisions is crucial. Each of the technologies mentioned above allow you to make decisions in a more professional, effective manner.