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6 Ways to Improve Your Wireless Charging Experience


Wireless charging is the future of mobile power technology. It has been providing various benefits to individuals and industries, primary of which is the convenience of charging a mobile device anytime and anywhere. If you’re one of the lucky few who owns a wireless charger, you can further enhance your smartphone charging experience in many […]

Problems Wireless Charger Would Solve

Battery life is limited, which implicates the need for an even more powerful charger. We are used to carrying cords around, hoping our batteries won’t run out until we encounter a power outlet. Wireless charging aims to solve this problem, along with other hurdles we experience with cabled charging. Find out what they are and […]

Uses for Wireless Presentation Systems


Wireless presentation systems are becoming more and more popular in schools and offices worldwide. They are easy to use once you set them up and they allow you to eliminate the endless amount of wires and cables that are usually necessary when connecting your device to a projector system in a classroom or boardroom. Presentation […]