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Reviews For Spy Software For Whatsapp

Spy Software For Whatsapp

When it comes to instant messaging services, Whatsapp is software favored by one and all. As of date Whatsapp is the ruling monopolist application used to communicate with your near and dear ones in the most user friendly way possible. Which also means that since people communicate the most through this software, the messages being […]

Calling free from whatsapp


For some months the rumors did not stop: Whatsapp had plans to add to its services the ability to make free calls between users of this application. Many thought that this would not come, but ultimately the most successful instant messaging system has done it and it is possible to call from free Whatsapp . […]

WhatsApp now indicates if you’ve read your posts

Unlike some messaging services like LINE or Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp until recently was not an application to indicate whether the message was read or not. Which meant tics then? A tic indicated that the message had been received by the service servers, and two showed that the message had reached the destination, but never said […]