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Adding Music to Home Videos of Your Children

If you’re a parent then you undoubtedly love to take tons of videos of your children as they grow up. Whether it is a video of their first steps, or the first time they crawled, or even them just playing a game with you – chances are you have taken videos of some amazingly cute […]

Movavi Video Editing Software Review

Video Editor

Digital technology is advanced and so are the video editing tools. Nowadays there are so many video editing software but some are more superior than others. It is possible to turn your video to a masterpiece by simply editing it. The best of the software undeniably is Movavi video editor. Apart from the basic features […]

Top Tips on Creating a Great Music Video

Entertainment event

Whether you are a music artist yourself, a music artist’s manager, a music artist’s friend, or anyone else interested in helping out someone in the music industry, you know how crucial it is for any musician to have a good music video which they can proudly attach their name to. But how do you really […]