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The Future is Here:6 Cool Smart Home Systems

smart home system

We all watched futuristic cartoons as kids and dreamed about what life would be like in the future. We may not have flying cars, but 2015 has brought a number of smart home systems that show us the future is here. Programmable gadgets now exist to make our lives easier, safer, more efficient, and less […]

New Apple Smart Watch

New Apple Smart Watch

When looking for a traditional watch, look to the Swiss, but when it comes to a smart watch, Apple is the reigning king. With their latest rollout of the long awaited Watch, Apple has surpassed even their own expectations, which were pretty high in the first place. With three collections to choose from, and amazing […]

Tizen will be used in the new smart TVs Samsung

At this point many probably already know that Samsung takes a long time working on the OS Tizen, but so far very few devices that use this platform. The first smartphone Tizen, which incidentally has had lots of delays, was to be released early last year, but is now expected in the coming weeks. While […]