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Managed Services to Get Better Mobile Reception in Remote Areas

As the cost of commercial rent and private housing rises in the cities, many are tempted to move out to the countryside. But if you’re thinking about making a move to a remote, rural area, you’ll need to consider practical issues like connectivity, particularly if you’re operating a business. Simply put, mobile phones don’t work […]

Obsolete Tech: Tips for Extracting Media Files From Your Old Phone or Mobile Device

You have an old Android phone, and you’re upgrading to a shiny new iPhone 5s. What do you do with all of your old data? It’s not exactly compatible with Apple’s tech. Here’s what you do: If You Have Facebook, Twitter, and Google Don’t worry about your social media accounts. For the most part, your […]

The rise of mobile applications and daily life

Every great invention has shaped and reflected the needs of the people who’ve used it. This can be said of the sailing ship and the printing press, as well as the industrial loom, the automobile and many, many more. Nowhere is this phenomenon better illustrated than in our present age, where computers, the internet and […]

What is refurbished

You’ve seen a million times in writing, but do not know yet what it means refurbished, right? You’ve probably come across this expression when buying a product, especially electronic, and you end up not understanding what it is. It’s very easy! It is refurbished products and now sell much cheaper. If you want to know […]

View maps from around the world using GPS mobile

Maps view

OsmAnd is an application that lets you access maps of all continents and display all navigation data and points of interest, without being connected to the Internet. This service offline for mobile devices, using OpenStreetMap map data (maps are created using geographic information captured with mobile GPS devices, orthophotos and other free sources) and thus […]