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The Next Chapter: all about the new Microsoft and Windows 10!

With his “The Next Chapter” conference, Microsoft has put the dishes in the great and gave us a glimpse of the future of the company and its products. Windows 10 on Xbox, via augmented reality, Boulanger Blog teams followed this event for you, which are summarized below. Windows 10: A Windows to rule them all […]

Microsoft HoloLens a Step in The Right Direction


The future is upon us! With the unveiling HoloLens glasses, in addition to surprise analysts, Microsoft could help us realize a dream, in order to virtually explore what we want we can easily enter a virtual world. The concept is however not new. Already in the 1960s, there was a first pair of glasses for […]

More than 1 million people are testing Windows 10


October was the month when Microsoft launched what is known as the program Windows 10 Insider . It is oriented to PC experts and computer program who have had access to a preliminary version of the next operating system giant’s software. The company has announced that today there are 1 million and a half users […]