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Activate the Display Mode in Google Chrome experimental

Display Mode in Google Chrome experimental

The so-called “reading modes” in browsers represent an interesting agreement between readers and content developers. Some companies incorporated this feature much earlier than the rest, but now it’s time for Google Chrome, having been first mentioned in late February. All that is needed is a simple modification to the command of execution in a shortcut. When read, we all want a good experience. The dynamics […]

Google buys Boston Dynamics and Four-Legged Robot

Google continues to shop in the field of robotics. After companies like Schaft or Industrial Perception, Google acquires its eighth undertaken in this field by buying Boston Dynamics. If you do not know the amount of the transaction, the transaction said a little Google’s interest for robots. For what purpose? Most likely the service to […]

Google does not want developers to use evidence in the descriptions of your apps

A Google likes that developers do things well, why has a number of practice and guidelines that they must follow in order to publish their applications. Many people usually look for apps in the store using phrases like “the best app to travel”, “the ultimate app to take pictures”, etc. There are some developers who […]