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Stanford has invented a unique water-droplet computer

water-droplet computer

Soon after a decade of research, scientists at Stanford, University have come up with a working computer based on the physical movement of water droplets. It’s a new discovery in real computing that gets at the most basic definition of a personal computer: any programmable devices that carry about logical (mathematical) operations. By merging cutting-edge […]

Computers: attention to overheating!

In summer, it’s not just you who may heat stroke! Your computer, too, can be a victim of a serious summer fever. The consequences of overheating are often negative: slow, appearance of the blue screen, altered components … To avoid this problem, learn to detect early signs of overheating and especially how to fix it! […]

Best Android apps of 2014: Part 2

Yesterday we published the first part of our list of the best Android apps released in 2014, and now we bring you the second and final part of it. Remember also recently had shown them what were the best apps for the iPhone launched this year, so if you have a smartphone on the block […]

How to Uninstall Wizard TV

TV Wizard is one of those programs that you install in error or because you think you really going to help, but soon you realize that you were wrong. The problem? The programs of all adware and malware : When you try to get rid of it by the usual means, you realize that it […]