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Turning Your Smartphone into a Home Security System


Setting up a security system at home can be expensive. Depending on the type of system, you may need to pay for the actual devices. You may also be required to pay an installation, monitoring and a monthly service fee. If you’re on a tight budget, these fees won’t be anything close to good news. […]

Top 5 Free NFL Apps for iPhone and iPad for all Football Fans


The iTunes App Store has many useful apps for football fans. These apps make it easy for you to get live updates on all matches, receive alerts on final scores and even watch videos of football matches. You can also use them to watch player interviews and manage your fantasy football teams. Here is a […]

Handle Your Apps With Care — Only Invest In A Dedicated Development Company


If you take a hard look at how companies stay competitive in today’s wired world, you’ll quickly see how cutting edge mobile applications are essential to growth and popularity. Today, every industry has some form of app for their customers. Newspapers and magazines roll out their content to busy subscribers who read content on their […]

Best Android apps of 2014: Part 2

Yesterday we published the first part of our list of the best Android apps released in 2014, and now we bring you the second and final part of it. Remember also recently had shown them what were the best apps for the iPhone launched this year, so if you have a smartphone on the block […]

Best Android apps of 2014: Part 1

And a few days ago we were leaving a list of what were some of the best apps for iPhone released in the course of 2014 and now it is the turn to smartphones Android. Again, Android received a greater number of applications compared to its rivals and store Play Google continues to grow tremendously. […]

Apple raises the price of apps for North America and Europe

In a statement sent to users of iTunes, Apple has unveiled a price change imminent in applications for some countries such as Canada, Norway and the member states of the European Union. While in some cases the price of my lower in others it will rise slightly, and some believe that Russia would take the […]

Google does not want developers to use evidence in the descriptions of your apps

A Google likes that developers do things well, why has a number of practice and guidelines that they must follow in order to publish their applications. Many people usually look for apps in the store using phrases like “the best app to travel”, “the ultimate app to take pictures”, etc. There are some developers who […]