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The rise of mobile applications and daily life

Every great invention has shaped and reflected the needs of the people who’ve used it. This can be said of the sailing ship and the printing press, as well as the industrial loom, the automobile and many, many more. Nowhere is this phenomenon better illustrated than in our present age, where computers, the internet and […]

Snapchat want to distance themselves from third-party applications

Snapchat is a messaging service quite controversial, partly because of the use they make many people and secondly because of several problems that have occurred. Recently, Snapchat has announced it will begin to distance themselves from third-party applications as it does not consider that these are safe. You may remember that about a month ago […]

The best applications for editing videos on iPhone

The funniest second thing after record videos with mobile is editing and sharing with friends through social networks. For it is good to use the best applications to edit videos on iPhone that stand for allowing change our recordings comfortably and deep. With these apps that I will recommend to you can have unforgettable videos […]