Social media options

With so many social media options available – and seemingly more arriving each year – it’s easy to think you have to be on all of them or you’re missing out. Fortunately, it’s not quite as overwhelming as that.

The role of social media

The important thing to remember is that social media is a way of engaging and building relationships. It’s not a selling medium, but there again used in a business context it’s not just an un-focussed way of spending time. A strategic and considered use of social media can make quite a difference, but it’s important to keep an eye on the main objective and identify and stick with the ones that will work best in your business setting.

A time investment

It takes time to build momentum with your social media activities, and you have to remember that a few tweets on Twitter or a couple of Facebook posts won’t suddenly get the phone ringing off the hook. You have to build relationships, and that often comes from giving something away – interesting links, content and more. Material that your types of customer might like and enjoy – and remember you by.

Social media – the digital ‘word of mouth’

The best advertising has and probably always will be word of mouth. If people start re-tweeting your content, sharing and ‘liking’ on Facebook then your name is being passed on to a larger audience. Your name moves beyond your followers and Facebook friends into another strata of people, and it could be from here that a customer emerges.

Reaching your niche

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again and again – niche marketing is where it’s at. The Internet and the social media options make it easier than ever to not only reach the customers in your niche, but focus just on them without wasting time on those who aren’t in the market for your specific product or service.

Companies providing marketing to specific customer types such as medical marketing services are looking mainly to attract medical professionals to their service as helping them attract clients is what they specialise in. Social media helps them reach potential customers, but what is used will depend on the type of customer being sought.

Your social media needs will vary depending on the business or activity you’re in and the type of people you want to attract. If you’re offering financial advice, your potential customers may not use the same social media – or use it in the same way – as visitors to a technology, entertainment and gadget site.

Social media is not a luxury

Face it: you have to be involved in social media. If the idea of posting tweets and posting to Facebook leaves you bewildered or is something you can’t imagine doing, then help is at hand. Marketing and social media specialists can manage social media campaigns including posting and handling replies all on an ongoing and regular basis.

If you’re not utilising social media, then maybe it’s time to look into it.