Sites like LetsBonus

Sites like LetsBonus

If you like to take advantage of insurance most incredible deals on entertainment, dining, short breaks and culture that are subscribed to websites like LetsBonus they offer amazing discounts in your city. To maximize the deals you propose these sites in unComo we present the pages LetsBonus to help you save on your everyday life and enjoy your free time for very little money.

A page as LetsBonus is Groupalia , an international website where, as in the above, you get your leisure plans at the best price. In Groupalia you can find both day deals with discounts reaching up to 80% and permanent plans where you can always take advantage of irresistible offers both leisure plans, beauty, tourism or catering.

To buy Groupalia only you must register yourself for free, choose the deal you want to take advantage and enjoy your plan with a great discount. This website offers services in Spain and other European countries like Italy and France.

Sites like LetsBonus


Groupon was one of the first sites of collective buying who came to Spain and, like LetsBonus and Groupalia, the business format is to offer daily discounts on different plans leisure time as restaurants, adventure sports, entertainment, beauty treatments, courses and workshops, and so on.

As with most of these web pages, Groupon is imperative that you sign up as a customer to buy their offerings. This website offers their discounts both nationally and internationally.


Originally from Barcelona, this is also one of the pages LetsBonus that benefit offering great deals to enjoy your free time in the city. Offerum merged with another similarly named web Glide and today offer the same services leisure in Spain and in some European countries.

Shopping at Offerum you can take advantage of offers of the day, leisure proposals discounted prices, or standing offers that are lower than retail prices services or products.


Catch is one of the oldest sites of Spain plans that offer discounts on leisure and entertainment, restaurants, tours, hotels and activities in the city. The business model is similar to LetsBonus Atrápalo and that offer daily deals, known as findings, where you can purchase plans Leisure discounted prices.

Atrapalo, however, offers a variety of standing offers where you can always benefit from discounts ranging from 15% to 40%; larger deals are launched as Findings and every day you submitted your e-mail. This web is present in Spain and in Latin American countries like Peru, Chile and Brazil.

Sites like LetsBonus


Another page as LetsBonus is Dooplan, a website that is present only in Spanish territory and, like the others, offers discounts in your leisure plans in the city. Restaurants, courses and workshops, short breaks, hotels and products are what you can buy from this website collective buying. Dooplan merged with another similar website, The Grupazo , and are currently working together.

To take advantage of any of the deals Dooplan you must also register yourself on the website to indicate all your data and receive offers every day in your mail.


Colectivia is a page as LetsBonus that originated in the Basque Country offering, as all who have commented, interesting offers for leisure plans in the city. It originated in northern Spain.

But today, Colectivia offers its discounts on many other Spanish cities among which are the main ones: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville and obviously all of northern Spain (Bilbao, Pamplona, Vitoria, San Sebastián, and so on).

Sites like LetsBonus

Websites of specific offers

In addition to the pages LetsBonus that we’ve discussed, there are other specialized websites to offer discounts on specific services: offers at restaurants, offers beauty treatments, travel offers, offers adventure activities, and so on.

In unComo let detallarte the LetBonus pages that focus on a particular service :

Pages with offers of restaurants : Restalo’s or The Fork are the main websites that offer you discounts at restaurants in Spain.

Discount Beauty Pages : About 10 Plan is a website that specializes in offering discounts on beauty (hairdressing, beauty, etc) and Medprivé focuses on offering discount health sector (plastic surgery, dental health, ophthalmology, etc.).

Pages with offers adventure : If you like adrenaline sports like rafting and climbing or bungee jumping in Yumping you can find a variety of plans and discounts focused on adventure sports. Focused on the world of skiing is the web Uniski where they offer attractive discounts from the world of snow.

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