Should You Upgrade or Replace Your PC?

Although desktop computers are in some ways being usurped by laptops and tablet devices, many people still love to have a standalone personal computer on their desk. For gamers, the PC has become the ultimate expression of your prowess with upgrading part of the norm. However, what should you do, if there doescome a time when you should choose to replace your PC instead of an upgrade?


One of the cheapest and easiest things to upgrade in your PC is the memory, mainly because of all the components. It is the one thing that can make the most difference. When you buy your desktop computer, it will ship with a certain amount of memory called RAM or Random-Access Memory. The amount it hasdepends on the spec of the particular computer and the cost when you bought it. The problem for most users is that, when the computer gets older, new software and games need more resources to work effectively. Mostly, it is due to the amount of RAM your computer has, and the number of slots available to upgrade. Depending on the capacity of the motherboard, you can upgrade to huge amounts of RAM which will take the pressure off the rest of the system. Some people also look for low cost PCB software to design their own circuit boards.

Hard Drives and Solid-State Drives

Along with memory, your hard drive can also quickly become too obsolete for your requirements,especially if you like to have a lot of games or you save a lot of documents for your work. They are fairly easy to replace without much technical knowledge, which is good if you want to upgrade the size of the hard drive that shipped with the PC. You can also go for a solid-state drive or SSD if you prefer. These can be faster to read than traditional hard drives, and there are no moving parts to break.

Video Cards

Although most people will never need to upgrade their video cards, those hard-core gamers will soon find that the one in their desktop computer will become obsolete with the release of new games. Apart from RAM, video cards are the single most important part of a PC for gamers. It enables the computer to accurately create the graphics that the game requires and can sometimes also take on some of the processing power from the main chip. It is important that you buy a video card that is compatible with the motherboard or it won’t fit in the slot. The slots are usually configured so that they cannot be used in motherboards that won’t be able to use them correctly. Some video cards also require a separate power source to that provided by the slot itself, so you need to have a spare power cable available.

These are some of the components that you can upgrade to make your PC faster; however, sometimes there can be no other option than to replace the computer, especially if you need to have a faster processing chip.