Remix OS now available: gives a second life to your old PC thanks to Android

Remix OS

Remix is an operating system based on Android to give a second life to your PC.

Alternatives to reuse your old PC and I have proposed a number, from setting up your own server to create a digital entertainment center. With the rise of mobile operating systems, today we have more (and better) ways to give a second life to that PC we have in the drawer.

Although there are very lightweight Linux distributions in general it is often more complicated than a simple plug & play, so the less advanced users need more alternatives, such as Android.

Mini Remix is already an old acquaintance in this to turn Android into a desktop operating system, and with its first version, a set-top-box Android, added a second route to our TV screen with the ability to use Android and many of its apps as if it were a complete computer, all in the size of an average smartphone.

However, the company behind this device would not stay there; I did not want just a single device.

With this in mind, comes Remix OS 2.0, an operating system based on Android x86 and created the idea of the aforementioned Remix Mini or other Mini-PC with Android. The most interesting part is that includes a multi-window system as a desktop operating systems, which despite being based on the Android mobile operating system away we all have in mind.

However, although as we say its creators have focused to work in conjunction with micro-x86-based PCs, the truth is that it can be an alternative very interesting for desktop or on the move, a very interesting competition for Google Chrome books own.

It is also fully compatible with the interaction with mouse as a traditional OS, so there will be little in the way of additional work with Remix, including the now ubiquitous drag and drop and the different context menus.

Currently it supports (almost) all applications for Android to be based on Lollipop, including Office apps for Android and other professionals, and it is available for anyone who wants to give it a try. The only requirement is 8GB available to start the installation and obviously a device on which to install it.

Also, keep in mind that it is an alpha version designed for developers, so installation is not recommended in environments that require stability.