Radinn: An electric table to wakeboarding on your own


A watercraft with its pilot a wakeboard table and someone bold enough to ride her and being dragged over the water at full speed are key elements in the traditional practice of wakeboarding. However, the Swedes Alexander Lind and Philip Werner believe it is possible to eliminate the first half of the equation with its new electric table Radinn .

In August last year I talked about the JetSurf tables , equipped with an internal combustion engine. Have also marched through this gate the Jetovator and ZR Hoverboard , which in turn is based on the operation of Flyboard . One way or another, technology has managed to meet the extreme sports and form a close, regardless of the money owed to invest alliance. In turn this is true out of the water, thanks to initiatives like Thrusters, personal turbines to be used in the air and on the snow. The idea is not only equipped to get a good shot or video with viral potential, but also increase the performance and extend longer fun for the participants. In the case of wakeboarding , activity depends primarily on who runs the watercraft, but with the new Radinn table , this must not be.

For now, the Radinn table designed by the Swedes Alexander Lind and Philip Werner is just a prototype, but she looks very old anyway. With a carbon fiber body, propulsion system resistant to salt water, and a lithium battery pack as the main source of energy, Radinn table is able to offer a top speed of 49 kilometers per hour, under a weight of 29 kilograms. A full load amounts to a range of between 45 and 60 minutes depending on the intensity, or 20 to 30 minutes when using thoroughly. Beginners are offered a couple of insurance for feet that give greater stability, and even 49 miles per hour is not an appropriate speed to make some classic tricks of wakeboarding, it is more than enough if you search without the personal watercraft and out for a while on their own.

The Radinn table should abandon its prototype phase and into a full production mode during the coming winter. The first deliveries agreed by presale will be held next year, and as for the price, its creators talk about exactly 15,000 euros . As I said above “regardless of money due invest” , it was no coincidence. I hardly saw, I calculated for Radinn table shows a five-digit number. Special prices for special products , and Radinn fits perfectly into that category.

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