PR Practices To Use In 2018

As a public relations professional, one will be continually faced with the expectation from clients to come up with creative and dynamic strategies to win over and retain their base. This can mean the difference between your businesses becoming reputable and business going down under. While research, consumer insights and powerful press articles can get you there, you have to go above what everyone else in the industry is doing. You also need, among other things, to be speedy and on your toes always- time is a scarce resource you can’t afford to lose.

These five recommendations will help you improve your game in the PR field in 2018;

Explore big data analytics

Use data analytics and visualization tools to improve your analysis of information obtained from market research. They help break down information into bits that can be acted on. Big data analytics will help you as a PR professional to come up with better recommendations and share information way much faster. However, keep it in mind that is is more about quality data than the quantity.

Building relationships

If you are doing PR for a startup, then you will need to build relationships with journalists and influencers. This does not mean you spam their emails or inboxes with unending mails. Understand their area of specialty and if it’s of any relevance to the startup. Strike up a conversation and a relationship. When the time is right, pitch your story to them in an angle that is in line with what’s trending. Prmarketer.Com recommends making use of social media as you wait for the big break in the traditional media.

Respect traditional media

The use of social media may be a big thing in PR and advertising, but you still need the traditional media. Try to work with them, no matter how useless you think they are. PR is about building relationships, not making enemies.

Provide leadership

PR is about promoting a positive image and brand. Nothing does that than executive branding and thought leadership. Let your clients establish themselves as leaders in their rightful place and everything else will fall into place.

Provide quality content

Getting published on your community’s leading paper may drive traffic to your client’s website. There also various channels through which you can market your client to the world. Before you amplify your message, make sure its contents are of great quality. Good content attracts and keeps people to your website.

There will be negative energy, recognize that

There will be always impulsive social media users waiting on a negative experience to scream murder. You can’t shut out all of them. Ignoring them can spiral out of control. Train your team how to expertly handle such situations instead of ignoring them. Reach out to the user if you have to. Maybe they just need a little bit educating. Providing good content in the first place will however limit opportunities for such negative energy.

When it comes to influencers, quality over quantity any time

Using social media influencers to push a brand is inevitable in this age. You are better off going with those with a leaner network but guarantee return on investment instead of spending your client’s money on influencers with thousands of shadily-acquired followers. Go for influence, not numbers.