New Apple Smart Watch

When looking for a traditional watch, look to the Swiss, but when it comes to a smart watch, Apple is the reigning king. With their latest rollout of the long awaited Watch, Apple has surpassed even their own expectations, which were pretty high in the first place. With three collections to choose from, and amazing technology true to the Apple brand, it is easy to see what all the buzz is about. After reviewing the Apple Watch itself, and hearing what other reviewers are saying, the only thing left to say is WOW! Here is a brief summary of key features to get excited about.

Flexible OLED Display Screen

In terms of some of the newest advances in technology, flexible OLED display screens are a major improvement over older (did we say that, old?) LED technology. They differ in that the substrate is flexible plastic and can be used equally well on displays that are curved or flat. This is a huge advantage for watches with screens that are flat because they tend to be super thin, usually thinner than half a millimetre. Although Samsung and LG are considered to be the leaders, the forerunners, in flexible OLED display screens, Apple has taken it to new levels.

*On the Watch and the Watch Edition, it is only flexible from the inside as the flexible substrate is bonded to the sapphire crystal display cover on these two models – more about displays to follow.

Sapphire Crystal Display Cover – Apple Watch & Watch Edition

This is one feature which is the same as you would find in superior high-end watches. The reason why sapphire crystal display covers, although costly, are used is because they are virtually resistant to scratches with ‘normal use.’ The one major setback, however, is that sapphire crystal reflects two times the ambient light as would a glass display. In traditional watches this isn’t a problem simply because of the way they function with the use of ambient light. Unfortunately, with a digital LED display, that can cause a problem under certain lighting conditions. Something Apple may want to look at in the future would be a better and more efficient form of optical bonding that can increase the amount of backlight by close to 10%.

Ion-X Display Cover – Apple Watch Sport Edition

For the Sport Edition, Apple designed a display cover made from “Ion-X” technology. This is a type of glass that is extremely scratch resistant much like Gorilla from Corning, although not exactly the same. This is the same strengthened glass that Apple used on their iPhone 6 and later the iPhone 6 Plus. Advertising saying that these screens were nearly indestructible are not just sales hype and so the innovative use of this scratch resistant glass on the Sport Edition is only logical. As well, it does help to keep the cost a bit lower than had the display case been constructed of sapphire crystal.

Display Resolution

This is where Apple reigns supreme. Calling their technology “Flexible Retina Display,” the Apple Watch (all three collections) have higher ppi (pixels-per-inch) than any of the closest contenders. What amazed most reviewers was that this is a remarkable advancement in smart watch technology for a company introducing their first-of-its-type product on the market. Because Apple didn’t release this information, one renowned test lab did extensive and highly accurate benchmarking measurements, concluding that the display resolution worked out to 322 ppi, exactly as you would find in the iPhone. That, in and of itself, is quite remarkable in context of the tiny size of the screen as opposed to the size of an iPhone screen.

It can be concluded that with all these amazing hi-tech advances all packed into a watch that is sized for comfort, this is one remarkable product that Apple can add to its long list of successes. Like all high-end watches, traditional or smart, it can be a bit pricey for the average consumer but hey, the old cliché works – you get what you pay for. And with Apple, you always get your money’s worth.