More than 1 million people are testing Windows 10

October was the month when Microsoft launched what is known as the program Windows 10 Insider . It is oriented to PC experts and computer program who have had access to a preliminary version of the next operating system giant’s software. The company has announced that today there are 1 million and a half users who are part of the program, and approximately 30% of them are very active within it, always willing to do testing and providing feedback as needed.

There are about 450,000 people who are testing the beta of Windows 10 in active form and every day as we said. You may remember that something similar happened with OS X a few months ago: the beta of Yosemite was launched in July, and only one month and had more than 1 million people testing it, but these are estimates and that Apple never released numbers official about it. In any case, the beta of Yosemite managed to reach 2.6 million users before launch, representing 3.3% of Mac users around the world.

It seems that these test programs beta versions are being quite successful and people are interested in them, allowing checking out firsthand the future features that have operating systems.

Gabe Aul of Microsoft has asked testers that currently still using build 9879 and not performing the upgrade to 9901, since it has a bug that does not allow automatic updates later, ie to move to version to 9901 a completely manual update would be required.

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