Microsoft HoloLens a Step in The Right Direction

The future is upon us! With the unveiling HoloLens glasses, in addition to surprise analysts, Microsoft could help us realize a dream, in order to virtually explore what we want we can easily enter a virtual world.

The concept is however not new. Already in the 1960s, there was a first pair of glasses for entering into a world of virtual reality, as reported by Le Figaro. But despite the many advances in the field supposedly made since, no device has never managed to break into the market and to establish itself as an indispensable technological tool for consumers.

Microsoft has a potential consumer base far more imposing than his rivals combined. After all, how many consoles XboxOne are on the market combined with the number of PCs running a newer version of the Windows operating system?

Certainly there has Occulus the Rift, these headphones immerse themselves in a virtual world; or even “the Occulus Rift poor”, a small cardboard accessory developed by Google; or a handful of other projects currently in development, but none of those tenders could be classified as serious and available now in stores.

Microsoft’s entry may well change that. Yes, Occulus VR is now owned by Facebook, a big player in the technology industry, and Sony, another big name in the field, is also developing its own product under the code name Project Morpheus. Still, the Redmond company has a potential consumer base more imposing than his rivals combined.

It is not for nothing that Microsoft unveiled its project called holographic glasses at a conference announcing new features of Windows 10: Time to synergy and interoperability, and the company will not miss the opportunity to increase its customer loyalty.

How HoloLens stands out from its rivals

So what is this famous product? It is not a virtual reality machine to begin with, unlike the Occulus Rift and the proposed Sony, for example. Microsoft has opted for augmented reality, a method to superimpose artificial images to an existing environment.

In one demonstration videos unveiled with great fanfare, a user employs said spectacles to travel in the world of Minecraft, a recent acquisition of Microsoft and a particularly popular title among fans of video games. From the user’s living room, it would be possible to display castles, mountains, trees and waterfalls depending on the room layout and furniture. It will certainly see what he will return once the product is on the market, and users can create their own content, but the concept certainly has much potential.

Microsoft may not be appropriate for most regular players, but could in the worst case, put a foundation stone for the building of portable virtual worlds.

Today, this kind of development is observed with suspicion by many. If Occulus Rift promises to be a fantastic addition for some games – Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous, for example – even the demonstration software included with the device seem to be too “real” for some users…

Of course, Microsoft’s product is not perfect. But by putting this technology into the hands of many, this will facilitate its adoption, and allow other companies for more room to better find their audience and in turn attract attention. Moreover, some movie studios offering films shot with a camera battery for observing a scene from different angles. From there to imagine a more advanced cooperation between the cinema and video games, to lead, to the creation of titles where the player would have a certain freedom of action while watching a story scripted by the great Hollywood in truly feeling inside the film, it is only one step, that fans will be eager to take. And if that is not a large company that it attack the hackers will quickly propose an amendment to do so.

Meanwhile, it is hoped that Microsoft offers with its HoloLens, the perfect addition to fill its audience: the return force Clippy, the assistant of the Office suite loved by all.


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