Increase Brand Awareness Through Effective Use of Twitter Video

When it comes to marketing in the modern age, the best companies uses a number of methods to ensure their brand receives maximum exposure. While such methods certainly include things like social media and blog posts, promotional videos have become more and more popular for those businesses seeking a dynamic platform to represent their brand.

With the advent of Twitter video, it has become even easier for businesses to create a video marketing strategy that works in conjunction with popular social media sites. That’s why many businesses are looking to this great new feature to boost brand awareness by attracting the attention of a wider consumer-base.

Videos Can Be Used for a Number of Functions

Upon deciding to make use of Twitter video for branding measures, determining just how to create videos can be a challenge. As consumers become savvier, straight-forward promotional tactics may not be nearly as effective as they once were. This requires branding experts to get creative when crafting videos.

One method being utilized by businesses involves creating instructional videos about a particular product, which serves to educate users while also increasing brand awareness. You can also use short videos to respond to tweets, thereby allowing users to get better acquainted with the names and faces behind a particular brand. Much like other types of content creation, crafting quality videos requires presentation of compelling information in an interesting way.

Features Allow You to Measure User Engagement

Tracking the response to your videos can be extremely helpful for determining what works and what doesn’t, especially for those businesses just getting started in the video marketing process. To this end, the Twitter Engagement features offers insight into just how well a video was received via an activity report. This includes information related to retweets of your videos, as well as data on how many views a video received.

Not only can the Twitter Engagement feature help you determine overall video quality, it can even give you an idea of the best time to post a video to get the greatest response. Of course, determining what constitutes a successful promotional video may take some experimentation over time to fully understand what your audience finds most effective.

Twitter Autoplay Is an Increasingly Popular Option

While some businesses are exhibiting reluctance to fully embrace all of the great features of Twitter video, the service has been increasing in popularity among users. This is particularly true of Twitter’s autoplay function, which has proven quite effective for video marketing measures.

As compared to click-to-play options, autoplay videos afford a 14 percent increase in recall. Additionally, users of Twitter also seem to prefer autoplay to other formats, making this a desirable option for businesses looking to incorporate promoted videos into their advertising pushes.

Modern Marketing in the Digital Age

Expanding technology means that businesses must remain abreast of the latest developments to ensure success is achieved. These days businesses can interact with their customers in ways never before imagined thanks to social media sites, which allow for a continuous exchange of ideas and feedback.

Promotional videos are an important facet of this as they visually engage users in a way not possible using other mediums. That’s why so many businesses are taking advantage of platforms like Twitter video, which offers a convenient method to further engage audiences.