How To Use Twitter For Business

I have received many questions about how to use Twitter as a business tool, although many companies have taken the step to create his Twitter account, not really understand how to use it to sell or promote your brand, and know how to exploit the full potential this tool offers, so eventually abandon it. Here I m discussing about the marketing strategies for Twitter.

Twitter is one of the social networks most used by large companies to attract customers. Many brands are using the network to publicize what they are doing and to capture the needs of potential customers.

But we should not forget that Twitter is a communication channel, it would be a mistake to use Twitter only to promote our brand, we offer useful content, which may be of interest to our target audience and most importantly, create conversation.

The absence of these items or this understanding is what causes the strategies of companies and entrepreneurs in Twitter not function. If you come to this network and you promote your product only few people will follow, they want to talk … learn … content … create a community with which they feel comfortable in expressing what they think, what they feel.

Usually when a business owner or entrepreneur starts to work with Twitter you can face two situations:

Frustration: The experienced by those who come into Twitter and see it as a cluster of conversations that are how to follow or join them, too “noise” and makes no part of it, so they get frustrated and leave.

Disappointment:  It is the opposite experience, go to Twitter and see how many conversations and people, and take it as thousands of “prospects”, which causes them to start sending sales messages and promotion of their products or services (which is considered SPAM) all they can. Stop using Twitter when nobody pays attention to them and tired of drawing attention to your brand. Well, all except the spammers themselves, those who just want a “follow back” do not care about your brand.

Well, all this I want to leave here some recommendations to strengthen their strategy in Twitter before leaving:

  • Twitter is a place to connect with others, listen, learn and add value.
  • Defines the objectives to get you or your brand on Twitter
  • Find people to talk about topics that interest you by using the Twitter search engine to find conversations
  • Contact a user with a large audience that interests you, sends a normal message, answer any of your tweets or retweet several of his tweets.Enter your community and participate in it. Retweet against your tweet make it more effective in twitter. So purchasing retweets for your tweets is good one to make your account popular.
  • Do not despair, if you want a quality audience and not spammers, take about six months to get a significant audience.
  • Find the most influential people in your market, and follow them if they are on Twitter
  • Use a profile photo of yourself or company.Share photos with your followers know you better.
  • 90% of messages are to add value, content or conversation, and 10% promotion.
  • Uses Twitter to help people.Be yourself, express yourself naturally.
  • Talk to your followers, do not just promote your products or brand.Talk about interesting topics in your area of ​​business. Give your fans content that interests them, something they can use.
  • Be the first to share.Stay tuned to the news about your business area. Subscribe to RSS news so they do not escape you and share.
  • Do not be misled by the numbers.Relevant get 100 followers in a month is better than getting no relevance 1,000 followers each day.
  • Do not use tools to automatically answer your followers.Each fan is unique, engages in individual conversations.
  • Use the RT (retweets) will help you stay active and will show your followers what interests you.
  • Hand out your tweets in time, do not be long without writing to then post 10 tweets in a row.
  • Do not limit yourself only to re-tweet and share links, use twitter to talk with your followers and make sure that each tweet give to know a little more about you.
  • If you are able to create conversation and provide useful content, relationships and followers come alone.
  • Share ideas and information with people who have the same interests as you.
  • If you include in your tweet links to your website increase traffic conseguiras.
  • Take time to answer and re-tweet, not take whole time talking about you.Participates, he interacts built.
  • Twitter works best if you use complemented with other social networks, blogs, and forums.
  • If you can not devote time to your Twitter marketing campaign involving your staff to manage it.
  • Do not include only links to your website or blog, also links to other interesting content.
  • Promote your Twitter profile. Include it in your website and your business cards.

As always I hope this brief information will help you.