How to Uninstall Wizard TV

How to Uninstall Wizard TV

TV Wizard is one of those programs that you install in error or because you think you really going to help, but soon you realize that you were wrong. The problem? The programs of all adware and malware : When you try to get rid of it by the usual means, you realize that it is almost impossible. Do not worry, you can amend your mistake, we explain how to uninstall TV Wizard.


The best way to uninstall TV Wizard and also the easiest is to use a special program adware removal. AdwCleaner is free and one of the best options. Go and click “Download” to download the program.

Open the .exe file that you just downloaded and follow the instructions to install Adwcleaner on your computer.

When installation is complete the program will automatically open. Click the button that says “Scan” to Adwcleaner find adware is on your computer.

The results (reviews all tabs) you will see several files related to TV Wizard appears. In principle, unless you see something listed that you know what it is and do not want to delete, leave all selected and click ” Clean “.

You will have to close all open windows and then restart the computer. Adwcleaner will guide you in this process.

When the computer restarts, reopen the affected browsers. If TV Wizard continues in them, go to your settings and delete the Home page, tab and new default search engine. When you reopen the browser, you’ll see that TV Wizard is no longer anywhere.

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