How to Take Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

Social media marketing is now such a big deal that anybody who is anybody in just about every conceivable sector is doing it. Of course, this means that to stay ahead of the curve and keep on reaping the benefits of using social media in a smarter way than your competitors, you need to constantly review and adapt your strategies to enhance what you are doing well, and tweak what is no longer working. If you are looking for ways to take your own business’ social media marketing strategy to the next level and gain even more from the Web 2.0 age’s biggest contribution to marketing, then here are some ideas:

Combine Social and Print Marketing

One of the best ways to get more from your social media marketing is to work on a campaign that combines printed media like flyers or brochures with your social efforts. As an example, you can target a particular area with flyers that encourage them to get even better offers than there are on the flyers themselves by following you on Twitter or liking your Facebook page. Even just putting your social media details on your business cards and other print collateral can be a good step, giving people more varied ways to get in touch and encouraging them to look at your social content. You can find more information on using print media here.

Consider Paid Facebook Ads

The way Facebook works best for social media has changed a lot recently. It used to be that if someone liked your page, they would see the majority of your updates. However, because Facebook has changed the way it filters users’ news feeds, users no longer see all of the posts from their friends or pages they like. This means you may be losing a lot of the effectiveness your Facebook page used to offer. Don’t abandon Facebook though, it is still a great way to reach people – just consider having a proper targeted campaign on there – it can be very cost effective and work really well.

Diversify the Platforms You Use

Many businesses still see Facebook and Twitter as the only places to conduct social media marketing, however there is a lot of benefit to diversifying your strategy to include other more niche ones. Pinterest can be a good place to market products, for example, or for business to business companies you can use LinkedIn to reach more professionals. There are also all kinds of other places you can build a presence, for example forums relating to your industry or microblogging platforms like Tumblr. Learn more about the different social networks, pick out the ones that suit your business, and broaden your strategy to reach more people on networks where you won’t be vying for their attention with all of their friends and favourite celebrities!

Revising your social media strategy to take into account new trends and options is a good thing to do at least once a year, so think about yours and begin taking your marketing to new levels!