How to report a buyer who does not pay on eBay

How to report a buyer who does not pay on eBay

On a platform to sell second hand items online as eBay, most of the rules are intended to protect buyers in the sense that they are not cheated and receive what they buy and in good condition. However, sometimes sellers may be adversely affected, as when the winning bidder not ultimately pay for the item. In we explain step by step how to report a non-paying buyer on eBay.


If the fact that you get given a product to sell on eBay, but the person who won the bid will not eventually pay the product, you’ll hurt. There is no rule requiring the bidder to buy, so the result is that this person will be busted sale, since the opportunity for other potential buyers who bid to stay with the product is lost.

True, there is the option to offer the item to the following bidders, but in practice this alternative is not effective, as they usually are no longer interested in buying it because they acquired other similar seeing that lost the bid for the product that you had sale.

In any case, you always have the option to report a non-paying buyer on eBay. What you get with this is, first, perhaps forcing finally paid and, second, that the sales platform is satisfied that that user is not very reliable.

Also, if ultimately not receive payment and perform the complaint, eBay will charge no commission for sales made.

To make this claim, you must log on to the website of eBay and then go to My eBay. Search the list the item not received payment from the person who won the competition and move the mouse over More Actions. In the submenu that is displayed, click on Solve a Problem.

How to report a buyer who does not pay on eBay

On the next screen, choose the option that corresponds to your case, ie I sold a product and have not yet received payment. On the following screens, the process is very intuitive, will choose from a list the product in question and eBay will inform you that will contact the winning bidder to urge him to pay.

As we say, this process of reporting a Non Paying eBay buyer does not guarantee you eventually this person will you send the money, but at least the platform will record that this user is unreliable and, if it comes to accumulate complaints it could retaliate.

The complaint can not until four days have not passed since the completion of the auction, so the winner get time to perform management. In any case, before making this claim, it is preferable to try to contact the potential buyer to settle the matter between you.

The case by default you can have it open for a total of 32 days and if not check this option and automatic shut you must hand in the call eBay Resolution Center. When you close indicating that you have not received payment, eBay and will record that should not charge commission on the sale failed. It is important that you close the case as if after 36 days you do not, eBay and you will be charged the fee as if you had sold.

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