How To Improve Your Business With Video Testimonials And YouTube

Every day we get hit right in the face with advertisements, promotional materials, flyers, posters, subconscious message and all kinds of marketing that are definitely great for business. However, in order to maximize the profit and create a great image for your company you need to take advantage of everything.

Business With Video Testimonials And YouTube

Not all of the marketing methods reach people and some, even if they actually reach them, they are immediately forgotten due to the immense quantity.

At this moment, the best way to grow sales within your business is to touch the humanity of people. So, how do you do that?

  1. Gather video testimonials from your customers

Well, we all know that, people take into consideration reviews, before buying something. However, written reviews about your company, products and services are not enough and your chances to succeed are increased if you take into account video testimonials.

In a video, your customers can be seen and heard talking about your company with enthusiasm, and adding a personal touch to the experience, facts that make the words easier to understand and believe.

Therefore, in order to have a chance of increasing your profit you should gather as many video testimonials from your customers as you can. Once you have the videos, post them on your website, so that it is easier for people interested in your business to find them. However, this is not enough, either.

  1. Create a YouTube Channel

In order to completely take advantage of these videos, you must think about creating a YouTube Channel.

YouTube is an amazing social media platform that will allow you to reach more people than you used to when you were only having the videos on your website. Millions of people from all over the world watch YouTube videos every day. However, just having the YouTube Channel is not sufficient.

  1. Make your video testimonials findable

You must think about the fact that you want your target people to find your videos within and outside YouTube, as well. In order to make this happen, you must be patient when posting your video, and not just put it there, without doing anything. You have to carefully choose a right, title, add valuable descriptions, as well as never forget the tags.

  1. Use more social media platforms.

YouTube is great, and millions of people use it. However, it is not all you need if you want to succeed and increase your profit. You must use the other social media platforms available in order to make your video viral.

Therefore, you should consider having a LinkedIn account, as well as Twitter and CrunchBase and interlink them in order to attract more traffic.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are looking into the financial trading academy.

But you don’t just trust the first company you find on Google, right?

Usually, before people choose, they check not only their website, but also reviews and testimonials. It is very important for people to see what others, who have already tried the services, have to say about the company.

If the company has an impressive presence online, like, for example, the Academy of Financial Trading, which can be found on LinkedIn, CrunchBase, Twitter and it also has a YouTube Channel full of reviews, people feel more comfortable choosing it.

In case your company is not present online, and people don’t even have what to read about it, there is a problem because it might appear as untrustworthy. Would you choose something nobody talks about?

In conclusion, if you want to build a strong image for your company you must have a presence online and take advantage of the social media tools available.

Also, if you want to gain potential customers’ trust, remember that viewing video testimonials offer people more confidence than reading text. The reason this happens is that they can put a face to the words gaining more trust. Also, testimonials are easier to understand.

So, in order to be more successful, increase the return on your investments, and defeat your competition, you must gather video testimonials, build up a branded YouTube Channel, and increase its visibility by using other social media advertising methods.