How to improve my Linkedin profile

How to improve my Linkedin profile

Maybe at first you were somewhat skeptical, but at this point no one doubts the importance of Linkedin when to seek and find work and improve your professional network. Sure to know someone who has been offered a new job thanks to his profile on the social network. Toca make yours is something more attractive, but how? Do not worry, in we explain how to improve your Linkedin profile.

Profile picture and cover

The first impression is the most important, so watch the images. Think of a profile picture quality, which leave you alone, you will see your face well (do not go to full body shots) and you smile. Now Linkedin also allows for a cover photo : must be 1400 x 425 pixels or higher. Choose an image to represent in any way your personal brand, good quality and fits well in the set.

How to improve my Linkedin profile


Linkedin Profile allows including an extract, a couple of lines that summarize who you are professionally. Be sure to include as keywords for which want to be found. These must also be distributed throughout your profile.

Experience and Education

The most important sections of your Linkedin profile is these two. Try that are complete, always link to the pages of the companies or schools where you’ve been, and be thorough but not spend. Note that you only have to include things that seem to you that are interesting and relevant to the place you want to take your career.

How to improve my Linkedin profile

Profiles in several languages

If you want to be open to more Spanish-speaking markets, create your profile also in languages that interest you. To do this, go to your profile and click the arrow next to it “Edit profile”. A dropdown menu where you must select “opens Register in another language “. Then follow the instructions.

Few things are worse than a lengthy and full of numbers in your CV, card, or email signature URL. But did you know that you can create a short URL that appears in your name? To do this, go to your profile and click “Edit Profile”. You will see below your profile picture, next to the URL makes now “Edit”. Click and change.


If people viewing your Linkedin profile also sees that are in various professional groups, will feel that you care about your industry and you take things seriously. In addition, all members are in a group where are you may write private messages (and vice versa), so it is very convenient being in several that interest you.

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