How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free

The myriad of apps available for smartphones are what allow them to play such a varied and versatile role in our lives. We all have our own set of apps that we use on a day to day basis, from social media apps to exercise apps, there’s something to augment every part of our lives.

While the broad availability of apps greatly opens up our smartphones and allows them to perform many more functions than traditional cell phones ever could, they can be an expensive hobby, and that’s on top of the money we pay for our handsets and airtime.

The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can get access to some of the best paid apps for free, completely legally!

Google Play Free App of The Week

Google just love giving free stuff away, piggybacking on an idea first trialed by Amazon for their Kindle Fire tablets, Google offer a specially selected paid app for free each week. That’s it! There’s no strings attached, once you’ve downloaded the free app you own it forever and can delete and redownload it in the future for no extra charge.

The initiative is definitely a welcome one, unfortunately however Google hasn’t done a terrific job of promoting the free app of the week. In order to access it you will need to navigate your way to the Family section of the Google Play Store. Once there you should see a banner promoting the free app of the week. Note that the apps might not be available in all regions, some are US only.

AppGratis Free App of The Week

It’s not just Google that offer a free app of the week, there are now several developers who offer their own free app programs. Of these third-party developers, AppGratis is perhaps the most popular and widely used. The idea is exactly the same as Google’s, although unfortunately the AppGratis free apps don’t always receive future updates and in some cases they can only be downloaded for free once with any subsequent downloads in the future charging full price.

Google Play Surveys

One of Google’s most notable initiatives, one which every Android user should take advantage of, is the Google Play Rewards app. The concept is, as with all things Google, delightfully simple in both its concept and education, once you have downloaded the rewards app and completed a test survey you will receive periodic notifications indicating a survey is available. The surveys vary in length, some are as short as a single question, others consist of perhaps half a dozen questions, but they never take more than a minute to complete. The rewards range from $0.05 up to $0.25, although the amount the user is rewarded with appears to be almost random.

Payment for answering the surveys comes in the form of credit on the user’s Google Play account and is instantaneous. Whenever you purchase an app, or other media such as books and music, through one of Google’s services, it will automatically redeem whatever credit you have and only charge you the difference. Check out this guide from Tech Exploring for other ways that you can earn Play credits.