Gimp: The best developers

In this article we will discuss the best developers Gimp, one application of digital imaging, with which you can compose Vector images or bitmap. Talk about its history, characteristics and course of their license and inclusion in the GNU project.


One of the most important point’s l a platform is that it is universal and can be used on Unix operating systems, GNU / Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and so on.

The History of Gimp

In 1995 students Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis , are part of a semester project professor at the University of Berkeley. This exercise come the first version of Gimp. The development of this first version was made with Unix and designed especially for GNU / Linux, to be a free alternative for working with digital images. The name originally meant Gimp ” General Image Manipulation Program “, but two years later in 1997, its meaning change” GNU Image Manipulation Program “. This is because that part has entered the GNU Project.

Gimp developers

Using Gimp

This graphics processor and digital photographs, is generally used to create graphics, logos, retouch, edit and convert images, also to remove and alter colors or elements, create animated images, manipulating vectors and video editing and more.

All these services until the appearance of Gimp were performed only by professional users, but the tool universalized these services and takes them to non-expert users, thanks to its simple interface to understand and especially its free license.

Features Gimp

One of the main features of Gimp, is that they can expand their services by installing plugins, extensions, scripts and graphic tablets.

Gimp allows the treaty images using layers, so you can modify each part of the picture independently (each layer is an element). Other highlights include the ability to perform batch processing and the choice of genuine images using their scripts (eg images to web pages). And the tools are in your panel are: Rectangular, spherical, hand loop, magic wand, investment, juxtaposition, addition, deletion, intelligent scissors, scale, tilt, color gradients editing and manipulation routes and measurement and simple calculation of lengths and angles , among many other functions.

The Gimp License

Undoubtedly Gimp pioneered frame his license because it runs under the pr oject GNU and is called the GNU General Public License and G NU Lesser General Public License . Gimp was ahead of his time and opened the way for other projects like KDE, GNOME, Mozilla Firefox , we enjoy today.

Gimp is an image editor programmed in C and GTK + to sack retouching of large offices and computers and took him to the standard user, philosophy we see factly today.

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