Formatting an iPad


Your Ipad has slowed down? Have you installed many applications that do not even know where to start cleaning? Are you going to sell and want to find the buyer without any of your information? Have you bought an Ipad and seller forgot to delete your footprint? The best solution for these cases is to format it: thou shalt leave it as the first day! In unComo will we discover the steps of how to format a Ipad to enjoy it as if it were new.


Formatting an iPad

The first step is to restart the Ipad. The first thing to do is turn off the machine. Remember to turn it off you have to keep the sleep button or power button until the image fades.

When fully off, turn it on by pressing the same button and waiting out the Apple logo.

Then, once on the Ipad proceed to format it. It’s simple and fast. Go to Settings> General> Reset. Select ‘Erase all content and settings”.

Now you have two options to choose from: Ipad reset the factory or format the Ipad and leave again, ie no operating system without any data or settings. Then you’ll have to download the IOS from Itunes.

Now that you know how to format a Ipad, we suggest that whenever you go to format or restore a machine, placing an backup of your files and settings.

Congratulations! Already have formatted your Ipad. Tell us your experience and tell us if you have proved simple process.

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