Flying from New York to London in Three Hours Will Soon Be a Reality

Airplanes symbolize mankind’s ability to use technology to master their environment. Prior to the early 20th century, the idea of being able to fly from one place to another was a dream. However, the Wright brothers took that dream and turned it into a reality. For more than a century, air travel has been something that countless millions of people have enjoyed, and something that people just take for granted.

Air travel has a level of safety that is unparalleled in any other form of transportation. Air travel is so safe that if and when there is an accident, it becomes international news. Airplane designers are looking for ways to improve the experience that people have when they fly. One way that they have done this is by designing airplanes that allow passengers to get to their destinations faster.

One popular aerospace company is promising to be able to get customers from New York City to London in just three hours. They are doing this by designing a supersonic jet that will be able to travel at the speed of Mach 1.8. That is roughly 1,370 miles per hour. The fastest commercial jet currently travels at approximately 700 miles per hour. Or consider this, the military’s F 18 Hornet has the same max speed as this new passenger jet will have.

This new technology will mean that passengers from New York City could theoretically click on a website to make lunch reservations in London, hop on the plane in the morning, eat lunch, and be home in time for dinner.

The plane’s ability to travel faster than the speed of sound is credited in part to a new wing design. This new wing design is aerodynamic and increases the performance of the flight whether the plane is traveling at supersonic speed or slower.

The redesign of the airplane’s wings also reduces the amount of fuel the plane needs, making it a more environmentally friendly option. Of course, this business jet is not cheap. It is estimated to cost between 60 million and $80 million.

In addition to being super fast, these planes are going to be equipped with the latest in modern gadgetry. The comfort of the passengers inside the plane is of paramount importance. Large windows will be installed, giving passengers a panoramic view of the scenery they fly by. All of these features add up to a plane ride that is unforgettable.