Do You Have To Add Music To Your Video?

A video seems kind of dull and lifeless sans audio support and hence it’s pretty natural that you would love to have background scores for your favorite video. Now, how to do that? Well, you have the video maker software systems today that allow you to insert audio files and mix them with a video. You will get these movie maker programs both for the Mac & Windows devices. The post here offers a step by step direction on how to add music to a video.

  • Step 1

Your first task is to research well and find out a reliable video editor program. The one you take to should be internationally popular, followed by happy clientele.

  • Step 2

The next step is to download the software and install it as per installation instructions offered from the program.

  • Step 3

Then, you have to add on the video & audio files -which you are planning to mix up- to the newly installed video maker software program. You would have to choose the desired files and drag them to respective video & audio tracks. The audio track would be usually marked with musical note symbol.

  • Step 4

The next step is to adjust your audio files as per your video requirements. It could be that your chosen audio file is somehow longer in comparison to the video file and in such a case the video editor program will allow you to split the audio to match up with shorter video length. On the contrary, if the video length demands longer audio, the software can double up the audio track for a compatible display.

  • Step 5

After you are done adjusting your audio files with the video length, you are simply required to save the entire video in a new file format. Then, you can convert the saved video into any desired multimedia format. The best software programs generally support all the popular multimedia formats and mobile phones.

You can go for Movavi Video Editor here as it’s one of the most popular video maker programs around that will help you to add on audio files to your videos, just the way you want them to. With the Movavi program, you have the liberty to add sound track in WMA, MP3, FLAC or OGG format to AVI, MP4 & other popular video formats.

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