Develop screens that do not need battery

Develop screens that do not need battery

A company from Oxford University developed a screen that requires no power and is visible in sunlight, using the technology of rewritable DVDs.

In today’s world, one of the main parts of a cell that wears out the battery is the screen and so many advise to place a short time before the screen remains active when not in use and is better to reduce the brightness these screens. A UK company is working on a new technology to stop developing a display that does not require battery.

A group from Oxford University say they have developed a screen that does not need battery and it would be much more practical than the screens of electronic ink (e-ink) and can be seen outdoors without problems.

Develop screens that do not need battery

The company also says it is talking with some of the largest technology companies in the world but have not said where they would be.

The company also had very cautious with information that said about their technology but said that innovation is based on the technology used in rewritable DVDs , using electric pulses to create screens display technology with vibrant colors, which requires no power and can see clearly seen, even in sunlight.

The creator of the company, Dr. Peiman Josseini believes this technological innovation could dramatically impact devices such as smart phones and watches.

This technology could also be used in buildings, creating smart windows that block infrared light for keeping cool buildings without using the air conditioner.

Still short of some years for this new technology comes to market but so far is very promising.